Margaret Flood

Educator, Founder of Equity in Mind, Creator and host of Talking about all things inclusion (Podcast) and  #UDLchatIE. Fullbright Research Scholar

Inspired by my students and the belief that we all have a little magic in us that should be allowed to shine, I set myself the goal to be the best teacher I could be so that my students could be their best selves. There were times when this was difficult, and times that I failed but, wow, there were moments of joy, wonder, and yes pure magic! My journey is one of belief in meaningful access, engagement, and challenge in learning for every student. I am passionate about equity, diversity, inclusion and justice to create an education system that enables us all to be our best and true selves (so nothing major).

I am an advocate for Universal Design for Learning as an inclusive mindset, or approach if you like, to achieve this goal.

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When educators share their stories, it not only shines light on the speaker, it gives the listener courage to try.”

— Nicole Tucker-Smith