Equity, inclusion and universal design for learning (UDL) for educators

Equity In Mind is a community space for every educator to learn and share more about diversity, equity, inclusion, and Universal Design for Learning.

Everyday, everywhere, everyone.

Equity in Mind was created to offer a community space for educators to find and share information, good practices, and resources that can support diversity, equity, and inclusive education. With learner variability at the centre of our thinking we can begin to plan and deliver equitable learning and teaching everyday, everywhere, and for everyone. 

Equity In Mind explores UDL as one framework to support this journey, sharing insights, expert knowledge and resources in the area of equity, inclusion and UDL. 

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Inclusive approaches


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“The term inclusion has become a barrier to inclusion. We need to move to a mindset of diversities.”

—Dr. Tim O’Brien (UCL)

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