Free UDL resources

We all like to learn in different ways but often don’t have the time to go looking for that something that suits us; in terms of time, engagement, and content. So each month let’s share what’s engaging us in our learning. It can be a book, blog, paper, podcast, Twitter chat, video- anything really. For our first month I’m going to recommend a book, an opinion piece, and a video.

Book: Universal Design for Learning: Theory and Practice. This is my foundational book for UDL. It brings you on a journey of diversity, variability, and universal learning using teacher friendly language (yes even the neuroscience bits!), videos, and reflective exercises. You can buy the book on any of the usual websites but for a free interactive version go to CAST’s publishing page here. If you create a free account you can highlight, take notes, and build on your thinking from chapter to chapter. And if you don’t have time to read/listen to the book you can watch/listen to my summary and reflection of each chapter here.

Opinion piece: The amazing Nicole Tucker-Smith recently wrote an opinion article ‘Why the debate over school curriculum matters to everyone’ on why representation in schools matters. And more importantly, the consequences of this lack of representation in schools on our learners’ adult lives. A must read.Video: It’s always hard for me to choose just one of Shelly Moore’s videos because you should watch them all! But today I’m sharing Inclusion as Unity. You’ll get why when you watch it 🙂

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