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Hi everyone, I’m Margaret Flood or as many of you already know me Mags. Inspired by my students and the belief that we all have a little magic in us that should be allowed to shine, I set myself the goal to be the best teacher I could be so that my students could be their best selves. There were times when this was difficult, and times that I failed but, wow, there were moments of joy, wonder, and yes pure magic! My journey is one of belief in meaningful access, engagement, and challenge in learning for every student. I am passionate about equity, diversity, inclusion and justice to create an education system that enables us all to be our best and true selves (so nothing major).

I am an advocate for Universal Design for Learning as an inclusive mindset, or pedagogical approach if you like, to achieve this goal. I was so lucky to receive a Fulbright Research Scholar Award to work with the designers of UDL (CAST) and educators in the Lynch School of Education and Humanities, Boston College to further develop my knowledge, understanding, values and skills in the field of UDL and all things inclusion. I want to share my learnings from this and other journeys with you all.

So here I am. It will be a slow build as I go.  I hope you join me on my journey of reflections, try out any resources I share, and keep me company along the way. And, while I endeavour to ensure everything I post or upload is accessible please do let me know if/where I can do better!

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