If I could just reach you…

Image of two hands reaching towards each other. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels
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7 Powerful Ways to Reach Every Student in Your Classroom

I’ve talked in two previous posts about my road trip adventures since arriving in Boston: the difficulty in reaching my desired destinations, accepting help (drivers), building relationships, and going on really fun journeys together. The ‘reaching my destination’ part has stuck with me, particularly this past week as I’ve engaged in conversations about my past students, who I am as a teacher, why UDL resonates with me, and those ‘hard to reach’ students. And I’ve begun to ask myself how hard were they really to reach, was I just trying the wrong doors, and when as a teacher is it ok to let go, to say I’ve done enough? So today’s post is the telling of two students’ stories from my perspective. I suppose it’s our story really, but I do know they might remember things differently. Because this is a long post you can choose to listen/read about one or both students by clicking the links below. But before that, there are many students who have stuck with me over the years. Those who I have journeyed the ups and downs, and everything in between with. Who have possibly taught me more than I taught them! Some of these students have followed the path they set in school. Others have taken uncharted roads that are leading to unexpected adventures and careers. Some are still facing barriers and challenges. Not all made the right choices, so far, and sadly some have left us. If one of you are reading/listening to this and it’s not your story, I remember you too. And feel free to share your story (of any teacher/school experience) with me.

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